How to Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio on PC and Smartphone

Chromecast at a Glance

Chromecast is a streaming device from Google that connects to your phone, tablet, or PC wirelessly and displays its content on an HD monitor or even smart TV. It connects to smart TV using the HDMI port. It basically turns your monitor or smart TV into a smart device that can connect to all sorts of apps you have on your phone or computer.

Chromecast lets you stream different applications to your TV. Most of the applications come with native support for Chromecast and you just need to tap the Cast icon to stream it to your smart TV. There are different types of Chromecast whereas the latest generation of Chromecast is called Chromecast with Google TV where you can install compatible apps from the Google Play Store and it has an additional remote in the box.

Is there any option of Changing the Chromecast Aspect Ratio?

Unfortunately, there is no such option in the settings of Google Chromecast or even the Google Home App. Basically, the aspect ratio totally depends on the TV you are connected to. On the basis of the TV, your Chromecast is connected to, it will automatically adjust the aspect ratio. You don’t have the option of doing it manually.

There are certain tricks that you can use to Change Chromecast Aspect ratio. Let me show you how you can change the Chromecast Aspect ratio on your PC and smartphone.

Is it Possible to Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio

Google Home App

Frankly speaking, you can not change Chromecast Aspect Ration while casting applications. Even in the Google Home application, you won’t find any settings that let you Change Chromecast Aspect ratio. The main reasons are the Lack of user interface and the customization options.

Using Streaming Apps

The streaming applications like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, and more have built-in cast features, yet you can’t change the aspect ratio. The only change you can make to the screen is to change the video to portrait and landscape mode. If you change the orientation of the video, it sometimes really helps to fit into the TV screen.

Using Offline Casting Apps

If you use offline casting applications like VLC, MX Player, and similar apps, they allow you to change the aspect ratio. It typically means that you can only change the resolution in your smartphone or any other casting device only if the application has the capability to do so. If the application supports changing the aspect ratio, it will reflect on your Chromecast-connected TV.

Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio on Smartphone

Quick Guide: VLC Media Player >  More > Settings >  Video screen orientation > Choose resolution

The cast icon in smartphones in multiple applications like Netflix is built-in. Simply tapping the cast button will cast the video to your Chromecast. You can’t change any of the screen resolution settings other than this. However, you can use third-party applications like VLC media player or MX Player to change the Chromecast aspect ratio. We will use our favorite VLC media player for this tutorial.

(1) Download the VLC player on your smartphone. You can download it from Google Playstore if you are an Android user and if you are an iOS user, you can download it from Apple App Store.

(2) Once downloaded, install and launch on your phone.

(3) Tap on more icons on the bottom right corner of your screen.

change chromecast aspect ratio

(4) Then click on the “Settings” icon to enter the settings.

(5) In the Settings menu, tap on the video screen orientation option.

(6) Select the TV orientation that suits you.

(7) After you have selected the correct screen orientation, cast the VLC to your Chromecast to see if the changes are implemented in the right way. As seen in the above picture, you can also switch the screen orientation between portrait and landscape.

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Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio on PC

Changing chromes cast aspect ratio on PC is comparatively easy as it doesn’t require any third-party application. All you need to do is to change the screen resolution of your PC and it will change the Chromecast resolution as well.

(1) Right-click on your desktop and click on display settings to access the screen resolution.

(2) Now scroll down to the screen resolution and click on the dropdown menu. You can choose the resolution that suits your Chromecast.

Change Chromecast resolution

(3) Once you select the correct resolution, click on apply and then press Ok.

(4) Now, cast your PC screen to your Chromecast. It will appear in a different aspect ratio.


These are the easiest ways of changing the Chromecast Aspect ratio and it works perfectly fine. Keep in mind that Chromecast changes the resolution dynamically based on the TV it is connected to, so you have to make these changes either to your smartphone or PC. Simply, tweak the resolution settings on your smartphone or PC to change your Chromecast resolution.

If you have any questions regarding “How to Change Chromecast Aspect ratio” you can ask us via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make Chromecast fit my screen?

It is a trial and error method. You have to keep changing the resolution of your smartphone or PC with the above steps.

2. How do I make my screen full screen when casting?

Make sure that you minimize all the other tabs on your PC. Maximize the casting tab and play the video in full-screen mode.

3. How to fix the aspect ratio on my Chromecast device?

Unfortunately, there is no fix to change the aspect ratio within the Chromecast. You can only adjust the screen resolution from your smartphone or PC to fix the aspect ratio.

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