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World of Tanks Blitz Android version

world of tanks blitz apk

World of Tanks Blitz is a tank battle game available for multiple platforms. Yes, Android is also included in these platforms. This is one of the very first of its kind that allows a 7*7 format match in a tank battle. It is an online game with a variety of vehicles, maps, modes, and possible strategies.

In this tank battle game, you will see the historical World War II tanks from different countries like USSR, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, China, and the USA. Interestingly, there are more than 400 vehicles in this game. The tanks are divided into Tiers, starting from tier 1 having the best tanks and ending on tier X, the least good tanks.

If you are a beginner and want to learn How to play World of Tank Blitz like a Pro, you need to practice this game with pro gamers. You can play this game on Android by Downloading the World of Tanks Blitz APK, which can be done either from Google Playstore or APK files from the internet.

World of Tanks Blitz is available for multiple platforms, and today I am going to show you two ways for downloading this amazing game on an Android smartphone.

world of tanks blitz apk

Features of World of Tanks Blitz

You can customize your tank after reaching a certain level that allows you to install equipment, apply camouflage, tune your vehicle to match your playstyle. You can then use that customized tank in the offered more than 20 games location.

With its historical fantasy tanks, you can enjoy tanks from World War II time from different countries categorized with different tiers.

You will never miss out on hitting an enemy tank with its sniper mode. When you enable the sniper mode, it will show the enemy tanks closer, and also indicate the lower armored areas of the tank that you can target easily.

With its mini-map, you can easily know the location of enemy tanks and your allies. It will also show you the allies that are in need of help.

One of the amazing features of this game is the automatic optimization of graphics according to the device specifications that you are running it on. Although, it is a heavy game but don’t worry it will optimize graphics for your low-end device automatically.

How to Download World of Tanks Blitz APK

There are two ways that you can Download World of Tanks Blitz Apk and both of them are pretty straightforward. The first one is to use the Google Playstore and another one is to download APK files from the internet.

From APK file

If you are in a region where you can’t access Google Playstore, then the best way to Download World of Tanks Blitz APK is through a web browser.

Step 1: Get the World of Tanks Blitz APK file from here

Step 2: Either download the APK file directly on your phone or download on PC and copy it to the phone.

Step 3: On the phone, open a file manager and locate the APK file.

Step 4: Click on the World of Tanks Blitz APK file and allow installation from unknown sources if it asks.

Step 5: The APK will be installed now and World of Tanks Blitz will appear in your installed Apps.

Step 6: Launch the game now and start playing!

From Google Playstore

Step 1: Go to Google Playstore on your Android device. Sign in if not already logged in.

Step 2: Tap on the search bar and write “World of Tanks Blitz“.

World of Tanks blitz apk

Step 3: Choose the game and then click on install.

World of Tanks blitz apk

Step 4: Wait a while for the installation to finish. Once installed click on the “Play” button.

Step 5: Once you tap on the play, your game will load where you will be asked to sign up first. You can easily sign up using your same Google Account.


This article is especially for those audiences, who have no or very little knowledge of downloading World of Tanks Blitz APK. As said earlier, it is a pretty straightforward way. Once you play this game, you will be addicted to it because you can create platoons with your friends or join a clan to fight with like-minded people making online gaming even more fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is World of Tanks Blitz APK free or paid?

This game is totally free. Either you download it from Google Playstore or the internet for free.

How much MB is WOT Blitz?

It is quite a huge game and can range somewhere from 2.64 GB on Xbox to 29.58 GBs on Playstation. However, on Andriod devices, it varies with device.

Can I download World of Tanks Blitz on PC?

Yes, it is available for Windows and Mac PCs as well. You can download it free.

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