How to get Access to Facetime on Roku

Is Facetime Available on Roku?

Facetime is a famous video calls application specifically built for iOS users. You can use Facetime on iPhone, Mac, and WatchOS without any cost. With Facetime, you can call around 32 persons at a time with no additional application because Facetime comes built-in with all Apple devices.

It allows both voice and video calls and with its Share play option, you can watch videos and listen to music together. While on a video call with someone special, you can use the live portrait mode to blur out the background.

As Facetime is developed for Apple products, can we use Facetime on Roku? The answer is “Yes” and I will show you How to get access to Facetime on Roku in today’s article.

How to Get Facetime on Roku?

As said earlier, Facetime is only available for iOS powered devices, so installing Facetime on Roku is not a very straightforward task. You will need to use some third-party applications especially for screen mirroring. There are two ways that you can use to get access to Facetime on Roku. The first one is by using iPhone and the second one is by using Mac.

What you need

You need to have the following in place to get access to Facetime on Roku. Other than this, you will also need to install a third-party application called Mirror for Roku-Airbeam TV on both, your Roku device and on your casting device. You can easily install this application from the Roku store and from Apple App Store.

(1) iPhone or Mac PC

(2) Roku TV or Roku Streaming device (with OS 9.4)

(3) Stable Wi-Fi connection

Pro Tip:: Before starting with this tutorial, make sure that your iPhone/Mac PC and Roku TV/Roku Device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Using iPhone

(1) Assuming that you have installed the Mirror for Roku-Airbeam TV application on your iPhone, launch it on the phone.

(2) Then you will be asked to choose a Roku device, where you have to select your Roku TV/Device.

facetime on Roku

(3) Then you should open Mirror for Roku on your Roku TV/Device, only if prompted to do so.

(4) Select your Roku Device on Mirror for the Roku application and then click on Allow Notification button.

(5) Once you allow notifications, then click on the Start Monitoring button on your iPhone Screen.

facetime on Roku

(6) Then on the next screen, press Start Broadcast, when you see the prompt.

facetime on Roku

(7) Once the connection between your Roku and iPhone is established, you can cast anything from your iPhone to the Roku TV. Open the Facetime application on your iPhone.

(8) Choose any of your contacts and make a call. You will finally be able to Cast Facetime on Roku.

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Using Mac

(1) First of all make sure that your Mac and Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then launch Mirror for Roku-AirBeam TV on your Mac.

(2) To choose your Roku device, click on the target device.

facetime on Roku

(3) If you want to hear the sound on Roku, then Enable sound on TV option, otherwise leave it as it is.

facetime on Roku

(4) You will be asked to install the Audio driver, and to do that tap on the Open the Website button.

(5) Once you click on Open Website, then you will be taken to the download screen. On that screen click in Download Audio Drivers.

facetime on Roku

(6) Along with its installation, you also need to install the “.pkg” file which you will get from the download location.

(7) Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to restart your Mac.

(8) Launch Mirror for Roku application again on your Mac and this time make sure to enable the sound on the TV box to be checked.

(9) Further you will need to click on authorize option in order to play audio from Mac on Roku.

(10) Upon prompt to allow access for the microphone, click OK.

(12) Make sure that Enable Sound on TV is selected, and then click on Start Mirroring.

facetime on Roku

(13) Now on your Roku, click OK in order to add Mirror for the Roku channel on Roku.

(14) Then click on add channel button.

(15) On your Mac, tap on the start mirroring button, then launch Facetime.

(16) Make a call and then your video will be cast to Roku.

Other Method

Here is an alternative method to mirror Facetime on Roku. It is not guaranteed that it will work without any risk, so risk it on your own.

(1) Go to the control center of your iPhone by swiping down on your screen.

(2) Then click on screen mirroring.

facetime on Roku

(3) Select Roku on the Screen Mirror pop-up.

(4) You will see an Airplay Passcode on your TV, enter it into your phone.

(5) Click Ok to finally mirror your iPhone to Roku.

(6) Launch Facetime on your iPhone and make a call.

(7) It will take a little time to appear on your Roku but finally you will be able to get Facetime on Roku.


These are three methods that will answer your question about “How to get Access to Facetime on Roku”. The first two will work every single time but the third one may not work for some users and that totally depends on the model of the Roku device. These are the Roku devices that support airplay including Roku Ultra, Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premiere, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do video call on Roku?

There are certain channels that work with your own webcam. You can also access IP cameras on Roku, but for Video calls, you will need to install a third-party application.

Is it normal to face delay while Facetiming on Roku?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to face a delay of around 2-3 seconds due to high latency. It won’t affect the quality of your call.

Can I mirror iPhone to Roku?

Yes, you can mirror your iPhone to Roku using the Airplay feature. Although all Roku devices won’ support this feature. Additionally, you can use third-party applications to do so.

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