How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

What is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue is an online video service from Sony that is used as a replacement for cable or satellite TV. It is a powerhouse of entertainment and offers a vast variety of channels including ESPN, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. This service is only available in the United States and costs around $49.99/Month.

It also has some other packages starting from $30/month. In this package, ABC, NBC, and Fox offer on-demand video as well. If you want to cancel the subscription at any time due to price constraints, you can do it in multiple ways using PS3, PS4, or a Web browser. This article will show you How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription in multiple ways.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription?

You can cancel the PlayStation Vue Subscription with the help of any PlayStation Console. Both PS3 and PS4 will do the job. Let us explore each separately.

Cancel using PlayStation 4

(1) Click on the setting icon on your PS4 Homescreen.

(2) Then go to the Account Management option and click on it.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

(3) Once you open Account Management, go to Account information.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

(4) Now go to PlayStation Subscription.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

(5) It will take you to all your PlayStation Subscription. Select the Vue Subscription.

(6) On the coming screen, choose the Turn off Auto-Renew button.

(7) Lastly, click on Yes to confirm your choice.

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Cancel using PlayStation 3

(1) From the PS3 menu, select PlayStation Network.

(2) After that, select the Account Management tab.

(3) Sign in to your account with your PS3 account credentials, and then head to the Transaction Management option.

(4) Click on the service list option.

(5) It will show you all of your subscriptions. Select PlayStation Vue, and click on Cancel Auto-Renewal.

Cancel using the Web browser

There are two methods of Canceling a PlayStation Vue Subscription. The primary difference between these two is if you are using the same account for PlayStation Services you should use the first method, but if you are using a unique account for these services, then go for the second method.

Method 1

  1. Open a browser on your PC, and go to
  2. Then sign in with your PS credentials.
  3. click on the Subscription option on the left side of the screen.
  4. Next click on continue and you will be directed to the Subscription page.
  5. On that page, you will see all your current subscriptions out of them you need to choose PlayStation Vue.
  6. Click on the turn-off button.
  7. Finally, click Yes to confirm your selection.

Method 2

1) Open any browser, and go to

2) Sign in with the subscribed PlayStation Vue account.

3) Next, go to the subscription summary tab and select the Cancel Subscription button.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

4) Then click on Yes, “Cancel subscription”.

5) And give your opinions on Cancellation Survey and click on the Cancel Subscription button.

How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription

Final Verdict

Sony Vue video services are excellent and also offer decent DVR features. In case you want to switch to other services like Sling TV, then you will need to cancel your subscription. I hope this article about How to Cancel PlayStation Vue Subscription is helpful.

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