How to Chromecast Steam Games from PC and Smartphones

Steam at a Glance

Steam is a cloud-based gaming engine that allows you to play games online. You can either download the games or play them online. It also has amazing features like you can chat with your friends while playing, stream games online on different platforms, and support different controllers.

You can play games on Android, iOS, PC, and multiple platforms with Steam Link. However, Chromecast doesn’t provide native support to Steam Link. In this article, I will show you How to Chromecast Steam Games on PC and smartphones. There are multiple ways where you can Chromecast Steam Games and I will show you all the possible ways.

Chromecast Steam Games

While we know the fact that Steam doesn’t officially support Chromecast for casting, there are certain ways that you can use to mirror your gameplay from your device to the Chromecast-connected device like a PC or any smartphone. There is a total of three devices that you can use to mirror screens on Chromecast.

From iPhone

(1) First of all, download Chromecast Streamer from the Apple App Store.

How to Chromecast SteamHow to Chromecast Steam

(2) Connect to the Chromecast device and then choose the “Mirror” mode.

How to Chromecast Steam

(3) Once you open the mirror mode, you will see a bunch of settings that include resolution, sound, bitrate, and mode. You should adjust these settings as per your choice.

How to Chromecast Steam

(4) Once you are done with these settings, click on the Start Mirroring button and finally click on the Start broadcasting button.

(5) Now open the Steam App and you are now able to cast your gameplay.

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Please note that there is a slight difference between Steam and Steam Link. With the Steam app, you can have the latest news, and updates, download games and chat with friends. While the Steam Link enables you to play PC games on your Andriod smartphone. This tutorial will show you How To Chromecast Steam in multiple ways.

You can also play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield TV for a better gaming experience.

From Andriod

(1) On your Android Smartphone, install the Steam or Steam link application. Once installed, launch it on your smartphone.

How to Chromecast Steam

(2) Next, sign in with your credentials. If you don’t have an existing account, then click on sign up.

(3) Once you sign in, then swipe down the screen to view the notification center.

(4) Tap on the cast option from the notification panel.

(5) After that, select your Chromecast device from the list.

(6) Finally, you will be able to cast games from your smartphone on your TV.

From Windows PC

(1) First of all, you need to download the Google Chrome Browser. Once downloaded and installed, launch it.

(2) Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to Chromecast Steam

(3) Choose the cast option from the menu.

How to Chromecast Steam

(4) After you click on the cast, select the source to Cast Desktop.

How to Chromecast Steam

(5) Finally choose your own Chromecast device out of a list of available devices.

(6) That’s it, now your screen will be mirrored to Chromecast connected device.

(7) Then visit “” from your chrome browser.

How to Chromecast Steam

(8) It will ask you for your credentials, enter your credential and sign in.

How to Chromecast Steam

From Remote Play

If you don’t want to mirror your desktop PC completely, you can directly cast the Steam using the Remote Play option.

  • Open Steam on your PC.
  • Head to the Settings section and locate the Remote Play option.
  • Tick the box “Enable Remote Play” and then select your device under the section of Device Name.
  • Once you select your device, click on the “Pair Steam Link” option.
  • That’s it, your game will be displayed on your Chromecast connected TV.

Steam Application

You can also install the Steam application on your PC, and then start playing games. Once you have mirrored your screen with Chromecast, minimize the Chrome browser.

Login to the steam application and start playing from the standalone application.

Screenshot Courtesy: Techowns


If you have Google TV, then you don’t need to involve any third-party application instead, you can directly install Steam from Google Playstore and play it directly on your TV. If you don’t have Google TV, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps in our article “How to Chromecast Steam Games“.

If you have any doubt regarding How to Chromecast Steam Games on your PC and smartphone, you can reach out to us via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can Steam Cast to Google Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast Steam with Chromecast to TV from your smartphone or computer.

2. Can you cast a game to Chromecast?

Yes. Recently, Google has announced the game batch that is compatible with casting.

3. Can I play Steam games on Chromecast?

With the help of Steam Link and Google Chromecast device, and using the Cast function on Google Chrome, you can Chromecast Steam games from your PC to your TV.

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