How to Fix Chromecast Lagging Issue using 6 different ways

Why Does Chromecast Lag?

Lagging is a very common problem in every type of online streaming. Whether it is YouTube or DailyMotion, if your internet connection is slow, it will cause buffering and lagging in video streaming. The same can happen with your streaming devices while casting videos from apps like YouTube, Netflix, and more.

It is quite disgusting when it happens while you are streaming your favorite shows. In this article of “How to Fix Chromecast Lagging Issue,” we will six different ways to fix Chromecast Lag Issue.

Different Ways to Fix Chromecast Lag Issue

Stream Files from Local Storage

It is a great idea to stream media content from your mobile’s local storage rather than streaming online. There are multiple media players that can help you stream local media content like the VLC media player.

The reason for streaming videos from local storage is, that when you stream online, it may cause shuttering due to poor network connection or other network issues. While streaming videos from local storage won’t have any of these issues.

Use Chromecast Supported Apps

It is recommended to use Chromecast Supported applications like Netflix, Hotstar, Sony Live, Plex, iWebTV, Sanga TV, Dove TV, and more.

Clear Background Apps

One of the most important factors to reduce your Chromecast Lagging issue is to clear the background apps while you are streaming. Also, it is better to stop all the ongoing downloads while you are streaming. Stop all the unwanted programs that are running on your PC before casting on your PC.

Chromecast Lag

Use High Bandwidth Internet connection

Mind it, if your internet speed is slow, your streaming experience will never ever be good and your Chromecast will lag. So it is recommended to use a stable and high bandwidth WiFi Connection with a bandwidth of at least 5GHz.

Use 50Hz HDMI Mode

Although the Chromecast is designed to pick the best display mode at times you need to change the settings yourself. If you see persistent lags and shutters on your Chromecast device, it is possible that it is encoded for 50Hz. You have to fix this and using the below-mentioned steps, you can easily do it.

  • First, open the Google Home app on the device you are streaming videos from.
  • Then go to “Your Devices” and select your Chromecast.
  • Finally, open settings and then turn on “Use 50Hz HDMI mode”.
Chromecast Lag

Lower Video Quality While Streaming Online

Just like YouTube on PC, if you reduce the video quality of streaming content, the lag will definitely fix. If the lag issue is fixed by reducing video quality, it is an indication that your Chromecast device is not compatible with HD-quality videos. There is a compromise that you have to make either on quality or streaming speed.

When it comes to the Chrome browser, you can also reduce the video quality by choosing Options >> Tab projection quality >> Choose Lower Quality.

Chromecast Lag

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Alter the Bitrate

You can also fix the issue of Chromecast Lagging by changing the Bitrate of Chromecast Streaming. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so.

  • Right-click on the Cast extension and click on the Inspect elements.
  • Find the code by pressing “Ctrl+F” and then paste “style=” display: none;””.
  • Then remove display: none, from the code and close the inspect element.

Then in your Google Cast Extension Option tab, you can either change the minimum or maximum bitrate of any video or audio, network setting, and more. Please keep in mind that play with this method only if you have the technical knowledge and you know the exact values of Bitrate.

How to fix Chromecast Lagging


If any of the above-mentioned solutions don’t work for you, then it is recommended to reset Chromecast to factory settings. Hopefully, that will resolve all of the lagging issues on your Chromecast device. But before resetting, do try these steps.

If you have any queries about “How to Fix Chromecast Lagging Issue”, do let us know via the comment section.

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