How to play World of Tanks Blitz || Tips & tricks

What is Workld of Tanks Blitz?

world of tanks blitz

World of Tanks Bliz is an outstanding Tank-Battle game with unlimited surprising features. It is a game on battle field where you will be facing your enemies with your allies in groups. It has an extraordinary variety of vehicles, maps, modes, and possible strategies.

It has tanks from different counetries and categorised into Tiers ranging from tier 1 to tier 10. There are more than 400 vehicles. You can change the guns, customize the equipment, and apply camouflage to increase your chances of survival and domination.

Now let me show you How to Play World of Tanks Blitz like a pro by following some tips and tricks and choosing the right ammo with right vehicle.

How to play World of Tanks Blitz like a Pro!

If you want to become a Pro in World of Tanks Blitz, you need to parctice it more frequently and understand few points about it. Below is compilation of points to remember if you want to play Wold of Tanks Blitz like a Pro.

Adjuts Settings First

It is important to adjust the controls and graphics of the game. It will help you in maneuvering your tank and will provide better visibility respectively. If you think that your device performance is not upto the mark then effects, dynamic shadow, and anti-aliasing effected should be turned off. If you don’t know if your device is weak, then keep an eye on the FPS in the lower right corner of the screen, if it drops below 30, then you must disable these settings.

world of Tanks Blitz

Understanding the Map

Understanding the location of your enemies and allies on the map is the game decider. Keep an eye on the mini-map so that enemies can’t approach you from the rear or sides, which is weakest area of any tank. The map also shows where your allies is in dire need of help. Bushes and trees act as natural cover, so you can use them to hide.

Choosing the right Tank

Choosing the right tank is one of the most important part of the game to understand. You can find all type of tanks by clicking the “E” symbol on the left of your screen. The tanks are divided into nations and categorized as tier I to tier X. You can’t access upto tier III from the begining.

You can only choose from tier IV onwards, and will need to earn credit to unlock the top three tiers. There are heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, and tanks destroyer.

Heavy Tanks

The heavy tanks are most powerful with highest HP score and thick armour but comparitively low maneuverability. Heavy tanks are best for breaking enemy line.

world of tank blitz

Medium Tanks

Medium tanks are basically support vehicles. They can help you gain good position quickly because of good mobility, and strong turret but its penetration power is weak.

Light Tanks

Light tanks are the fastest vehicles in the game. It has no armour with excellent view range and high speed. The hit point is somewhat low. Only choose light tanks if you are experienced.

Aiming with Precision

Gun dispersion is very high while tanks are moving here and there, so better stop and wait until you are fully still and then shoot. Enabling sniper mode will allow you to see which area of the enemy is vulnerable to penetration. This is what will help you level up as compared to your enemies in World of Tanks Blitz.

world of tank blitz

Using Right type of Ammo

Choosing the right type of Ammo is important if you want to destry your enemy. For example, if you want to destroy the main body where the crew is, then you should use  HE ammo because it will do the maximum damage only if you manage to shoot the weak spot. Use AP rounds in case you want to bring damage to the mechanical parts.

Tips and Ticks

Only practice won’t give you edge while playing against pro players. Let me show you some tips and tricks that will help you in beating your opponent.

Avoiding heavy tanks with light tank

Generally, ligth tanks has better speed and manoeuvreability but as said earlier, their HP and penetration sucks and most of the time when your opponent has a heavy tank. You will soon realise that your light tank can’t even penetrate. It is better to target either medium or light tank when you are having light tank.

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Reduce your shell’s angle of Impact

The best impact on opponent’s tank is when the angle is right perpendiculat which means when you hit a tank with 90 degree angle, the impcat is maximum. So its better to reduce shooting angles to make it as close as possible to 90 degree.


To avoid being exposed to enemies, try to stay close or camaflouge typically in the form of bushes. You can also have cover behind boulders, buildings, and walls. The benefit of camaflouging in bushes is that you can still hit the enemy without being spotted. Another great way of camaflouge is to hide behind your allies while they are shooting and your tank is reloading.

Shoot at rear of tanks

Almost all tanks are heavily armoured from the front making them less vulnerable to get penetrated or get destroyed. The weakest area of less armoured is the rear and sides of the tank. Especially the back of the tank is the mos vulnearble because it is the spot where engine of the tanks lies. Shooting at the sides of the tank will slow them down by destroying their tracks.

How to Download World of Tanks Blitz on PC

Installing World of Tanks Blitz on PC is not a difficult job. You will need to download the World of Tanks Blitz from the Microsoft store.

(1) Go to the Micrsoft Store, and write World of Tanks Blitz.

(2) Out of search results, select World of Tanks Blitz, and then click on Get.

(3) The download process will start. Wait untill the game is downloaded.

(4) After a while, World of Tanks blitz will be installed. You can launch it from the Mircosoft store by tapping the open button.

(5) Start the game from start menu or under the recently added application.

Wrapping Up

If you have ever been thinking about How to Play World of Tanks Blitz like a pro, then this article is for you. By following these tips, you will be able to play World of Tanks Blitz like a pro. This game requires high end device so make sure to adjust graphics settings accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is World of Tanks Blitz available for mobile?

Yes, it is available for iPhone and Android and you can eaisly download it from respective stores.

Can I run it on Bluestacks Emulator?

Yes, you can run it on Bluestacks emulator. Simply download it from Google Playstore.

Can I run WOT Blitz on my PC?

If your PC has 2GB of RAM, 3GB of free hard drive, and minimum of Windows 7. You can easily run it on your PC.

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