How to reset MXQ Pro Android TV box to factory settings

MXQ Pro Android TV box

MXQ Pro is an Android TV box streaming device that helps you convert your normal TV to smart TV using an HDMI cable. It is powered by Quad-Core ARM Mali GPU and Amlogic S805 CPU. It streams video content in 4K full HD mode. Once you connect the MXQ Pro Android TV box with your TV, you can do all that you could with your Android Smartphone.

You can watch Youtube, check in your Facebook news feed, download apps from the Google Playstore, and more. The best part of MXQ Pro is the price that costs way less than its competitors. It has 8GB flash memory so you don’t have to worry about memory shortage.

With all these features, MXQ Pro can run into problems where the most common problems are freezing, stuck while turning on, performance glitch, and more. To fix these issues, you may need to reset MXQ Pro. This article will show you How to Reset MXQ Pro Android TV Box

How to Reset MXQ Pro TV Box?

There are two ways to Reset MXQ Pro TV Box, the first one is to use the in-built settings while the other one is to Hard Reset it. Let us have a look at both these methods in detail.

Please keep in mind that once you reset MXQ Pro 4K, you will lose all your data and you won’t be able to recover it.

Using the Built-In Settings

  • First of all, plugin the MXQ Pro in to your TV.
  • Navigate to settings menu.
  • Under preferences, choose more settings.
  • Then go to “Storage & Reset” in the personal column.
How to reset MXQ Pro
MXQ Pro Setting
  • Now select “Factory Data Reset” and click on it.
  • In the next screen, select “Full Reset” so that everything is removed from MXQ Pro.
How to reset MXQ Pro
Full Reset
  • A prompt will appear where you have to choose “Erase Everything“. Finally you have Reset MXQ Pro and it will be like a fresh device.

Please note that you might find some options different, but the overall process of resetting MXQ PRO is the same.

Screenshot Courtesy: Streamingtrick

Hard Reset using the reset Button

There may be times when you lose access to the interface of MXQ Pro or may it doesn’t function properly like the home screen freezing issue, slow response, and more meaning that you can’t reset it from settings, so you have to Hard Reset it. The second part of our article about How to Reset MXQ Pro will show you how to Hard reset it.

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Items You need

  • Something non conductive like Toothpick to access the “Reset” button
  • USB Keyboard or TV Remote

Let us start with How to Hard Reset MXQ Pro.

  • First of all, unplug MXQ Pro from the power.
  • With the help of a small pin (non conductive) like toothpick, press and hold the button provided inside the AV slot (backside of the device).
Hard Reset
  • Keep pressing the reset button until you hear a click sound. Then power on your MXQ Pro while still holding the reset button.
  • Continue holding the reset button until you see the logo on your TV. It may take a few seconds.
  • With the help of your remote, select the wipe data/factory reset menu.
  • Then select “Delete All User Data” and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done with deleting the user data, reboot the device to finish the reset process.

Wrapping Up

These two methods can be used to Reset MXQ Pro and once you reset it successfully, your MXQ Pro will work like a brand new device. If the reset button is not working, then you should try installing recovery apps that will allow you to reboot your device. If you have any questions about “How to Reset MXQ Pro” either way, you can ask us via the comment section.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

How do I my Reset MXQ Pro?

You can reset it from settings, or using the reset button. All details are mentioned in the article.

Will resetting my MXQ Pro resolve home screen stuck issue?

Yes, it will definitely resolve all the issues because your device will work like a brand new one.

How do I get my android box to work again?

If your MXQ Pro device is not working, try resetting it, and hopefully, it will resolve the issue and it will work again.

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