How to Stream Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV in 2022

Peacock TV at a Glance

Peacock TV is the all-new TV streaming service that was initially launched by NBC. It has an amazing collection of movies and TV shows, thus getting famous day by day. Peacock TV Streaming service is currently available in the US alone which is quite disappointing.

It is supported by the majority of platforms like Apple TV, XBOX, Vizio, Playstation, Chromecast, and LG Smart TVs. Although it is still in the development phase for Amazon Firestick, Roku, and other smart TVs including Samsung smart TVs. Currently, Peacock doesn’t provide native support for Samsung smart TVs, but we have found some hacks with which you can easily Stream Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV offers free content that you can watch with a limit of 1300 hours. The paid plans are not expensive as well as you can get 20000 hours of content for just $4.99/month, and if you want distraction-free entertainment, you can also buy the ad-free version that will cost you $9.99/month.

Streaming Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

As I have mentioned earlier, Peacock TV doesn’t support Samsung Smart TV directly which means that you can not install Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV. Yet we have found two ways that allow you to Stram Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV. The first method is by using Google Chromecast and the second one is using iOS Airplay.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast provides native support to Peacock TV. It means that you won’t need any third-party application like Google Home or Google Streaming for Android or iOS. Without any further delay, let us see how to Chromecast Peacock TV, which will help us in streaming Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV.

The very first step is to make your account on Peacock TV, then follow the below steps.

Install Application

Download and install the Peacock TV application on your smartphone. You can download it from Google Play Store if you are using Android. For iOS users, you can install it from Apple App Store.

Login Procedure

I suppose you have already made an account, you need to log in to the Peacock TV application using your Login credentials.

Setting up Chromecast

The majority of the Android Smart TVs come with built-in support for Chromecast. Some models of Samsung Smart TVs also support Chromecast, but other models do not support for which you need an external device. First of all, connect your Chromecast device to your Samsung TV using an HDMI cable. Then connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as that of your mobile.

Start Streaming

Now on your Peacock app, play your favorite show or movie. On the top right corner, you can see a Cast icon. Tap on it and then your mobile phone will search for the available Chromecast devices. Choose the one in which you want to stream your movie. As simple as that, you are now streaming Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV.

Chromecast Icon

iOS Airplay

Almost all the Samsung Smart TV models that are released after 2018 come with native support of Airplay 2. It includes all models ranging from Samsung FHD or HD, 5 series, QLED 4K Q6-9 to Serif series; UHD 6-8 series.

Install Application

You need to download and install the Airplay Application on your iPhone or iPad. Then open the application and run it on your iPhone. You can download Airplay 2 from this link.

Login Procedure

As you have already created your account, you need to log in to Airplay 2 using your credentials.

Setting up Airplay

Once you have logged in, make sure your mobile device and your Samsung Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The connection with the same Wi-Fi network makes it easier for your mobile to discover your TV.

Start Streaming

Now on your Peacock TV application on your mobile, choose your favorite movie or TV show and play it. You will see the Airplay icon on the upper right corner of your screen, tap it. Now select your Samsung TV, and after that, you can Stream Peacock Tv on your Samsung Smart TV.

Peacock TV on SamSung Smart TV
Airplay icon


Although Peacock TV doesn’t provide native support to Samsung Smart TVs, still there are ways that you can use Peacock TV being streamed on Samsung smart TV. If you face any issues while doing so, you can reach out to us using the comment section. I am hoping soon Peacock and Samsung will join hands, and then we can stream Peacock TV directly on Samsung Smart TV.

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