How to take a screenshot on Roku TV within 2 minutes

Just like smartphones and PCs, we can now take screenshots on TVs as well. The process is slightly different from PC and smartphones, but today I will show you How to Take a Screenshot on Roku TV effortlessly.

How to take a Screenshot on Roku TV?

Taking screenshots is an effective way of saving valuable pieces of information. It is very convenient and quite easy on certain devices like smartphones and PC. In fact, there are dedicated third-party applications available in Windows and other platforms. However, the process of taking screenshots on TVs is somewhat different compared to smartphones.

If we talk about taking screenshots on Roku TV, the magic stick is the Roku Remote because Roku TV’s screenshot is taken with the help of the Roku Remote. If your remote is under the weather and not working properly, then you can Reset Roku remote to make it work fine again. Let us start the tutorial straight away without further wasting time.

Steps to Take a Screenshot on Roku TV

  • Grab the Roku remote and then press the Home button three times, the Up button two times, and RightLeftRight buttons in a sequence.
How to take a screenshot on Roku TV
Roku Remote
  • Following this, you will be directed to Developer Mode. You can read in detail about enabling Roku Developer Mode.
  • You will be asked to enter your Username and password to verify your identity.
  • On your Roku screen, Roku Developer Settings >> System >> About. Here note down your Roku IP address that you will be using in the process ahead.
  • Now move to your PC and open any browser. Enter the IP address that you have noted down.
  • Click enter to initiate the process.
  • Now click on the Upload button to sideload the app that you wish to take a screenshot of.
  • On your browser, you can see the Utilities option in the upper right corner. Click on it.
Utilities Option
  • It will display a list of options out of which you have to click on Screenshot.
Take Screenshot
  • Click on Save to save it on your PC.

Screenshot Courtesy: Streamingtrick


Using the above-mentioned steps, you can take a screenshot on Roku TV. As said earlier, the process is somewhat lengthy and different. But you can do it without any technical knowledge by just following these steps. Keep in mind that the account must be signed in before you note down the IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Roku Screenshot is not working?

If you are unable to take screenshots, keep in mind that this option in Roku will only work for Sideloading tools and Static contents.

Can we screen share on Roku?

Yes, you can share the screen on Roku provided that you have enabled the screen mirroring option in the settings.

Can I sideload apps on Roku?

Yes, you can sideload compatible applications on your Roku device.

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