How to Stream IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K || Complete Guide

What is IPTV?

IPTV is modern-day cable TV where you don’t need any messy cables to watch your favorite show. It is basically an internet-based television service from which you can watch any of the programs that you used to watch on cable TV but using the internet. It also offers live TV and movie on-demand features.

IPTV offers amazing features that traditional cable TV didn’t have like it provides parental control and it will auto-play the last channel when you relaunch it. Keep in mind that IPTV doesn’t have any built-in channels, and you will have to buy subscriptions from the service providers. Once you buy a subscription plan you will be given an “m3u” list that contains the list of streaming channels or videos.

TiVO Stream 4K at a Glance

TiVO stream 4K is a streaming device that brings together movies and shows from Netflix, Prime Video, live TV with Sling, and more. It has 4K UHD video resolution combined with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. It has standalone Android and iOS applications as well that you can install on your smartphone.

TiVO Stream 4K also comes with native support for Google Playstore which means that you can download almost all Android apps (compatible only) on TiVO Stream 4K. We can also stream IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K with the help of a built-in app store and also cast IPTV to TiVO Stream 4K from Android.

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How to Stream IPTV on TiVO Stream

(1) First of all, connect TiVO Stream 4K to the Wi-Fi network and to your TV.

(2) Then press the home button from the TiVO Stream Remote.

(3) Navigate to the Apps section on the left side of your screen.

(4) In the apps section, go to Google Playstore.

IPTV on TiVO Stream

(5) Once you open the Google play store, click on the search bar and write “IPTV” and then click on search.

(6) Choose IPTV from the results and click on the install button.

(7) Wait for the installation to finish, then launch IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K.

(8) Choose the M3U list or XSPF URL, depending on your service provider.

(9) Then enter the playlist name and Playlist URL.

(10) The content will be loaded that is associated with IPTV Subscription.

(11) Once the media is played, you will be able to watch it on TiVO Stream 4K.

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How to Cast IPTV to TiVo Stream From Android

(1) Make sure that your Android device and TiVO Stream are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

(2) Download any IPTV application from the Google Playstore.

(3) Once the application is installed, launch it on your smartphone.

(4) Select M3U or XSPF URL (based on subscription) to complete the setup process.

(5) When the media is displayed, click on the Cast icon.

IPTV On TiVO Stram

(6) You will see a list of available devices, select TiVO Stream 4K out of the list.

(7) Finally, play the video title that you want to cast on your TiVO Stream 4K.

This is yet another way that you can use to Stream IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K.


If you want to stream IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K, then it is recommended to use the first method. It is always easy, convenient, and bug-free to use the built-in app. The reason I showed the second method is because most people including me are comfortable using their smartphones for doing almost anything.

If you face any issues while streaming IPTV on TiVO Stream 4K, you can reach out to us via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TiVo Stream 4K work with Apple TV?

No, TiVo Stream doesn’t support Apple TV. The reason for this is that Apple TV doesn’t support any Android application.

2. Can we add other apps on TiVo?

Yes, you can but only if the desired application is available in the Google Playstore. If not, then you will need to Sideload the App on TiVO Stream using the downloader.

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