Is ROM Hustler Safe? All You need to know

What is ROM Hustler?

ROM Hustler is one of the most famous platform where you can download almost all types of ROM for your favorite console. Having a huge variety of emulators, it is preferred by gamers. It has a vey pleasing interface where you can easily search for emulators or other ROMs. To satisfy the requirements, ROM Hustler also prevents malicious software and fraudulent activities.

Any site that offers file downloading raises question of safety for end user. Are you at stake of Malware after downloading ROM from ROM Hustler. Today we will see whether using ROM Hustler Safe or not. Most of the time the content of ROM Hustler is genuine but we will see in this article what to decide.

ROM Hustler Safe
ROM Hustler

Is ROM Hustler Safe to use?

Now when you know about ROM Hustler, let us look in detail if ROM Hustler is safe or not. First of all let us look at few points.

The first one, you need to look at what the ROM Hustler company says about its safety.  You need to find out if they are making any form of commitment towards the safety of this site. Then, find out if they are putting the interests of your client at hand and committing themselves to protect you.

Secondly, the ROM Hustler company might not communicate clearly on the issue of its safety. But, it does so in terms of actions.  One thing that you cannot deny is that the risk of malware is pretty high on sites like ROM Hustler. Therefore, it has become essential for these sites to take adequate measures that will keep their users safe.  

On this issue, ROM Hustler has done well like if anything people say about it is something to go by, then the company has done well on this issue. Moreover, the company has tried to apply security measures that ensures that romhustler remains safe for users every time. 

We can say that ROM Hustler is comparitively safer that its competitors. We have answered the question that ROM Hustler Safe.

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Alternative of ROM Hustler

There are many other websites like ROM Hustler where you can download ROMs for your consoles. Below are some of my favorite websites like ROM Hustler.

Emulator Zone

Just like ROM Hustler, Emulator Zone also offer you to download ROMs and Emulators for your consoles like Nintendo Switch, PSP, Xbox, Wonder Swan, Genesis, Neo Geo, and more. It doesn’t require any sort of sign up and you can download ROM straight away. Fast servers are available on this website and with direct links available for download.

It doesn’t have annoying ads and there is no limit on downloading ROMs and Emulators. Just like ROM Hustler, with care you can also consider Emulator Zone safe.


Gamulator is yet another website where you can download ROMs and Emulators and they are specified for gaming. It is one of the best-suited websites for new generation ROM’s and has an extensive list of games which keeps getting updated from time to time. No matter when the game is released, you will find it in Gamulator.

It offers amazingly easy navigation and very convenient to use. Gamulator is also a safe site and you won’t be distracted annoying ads.


ROMSPedia is one of the finest websites to download ROMs for gaming. The user gets attractive storage of great ROM files. Once you will land on the homepage, you will see the original artwork of the specific game.

 ROM files for both iOS and Android devices are available here, so it becomes easy for all users to access these files that are available on this website. One of the best features of this website is that it has its blog as well where you can get all of your questions answered.

ROMS Hustler Safe


After analysing the ROM Hustler, we can say it that ROM Hustler Safety is guaranteed upto certain level. One thing is for sure that any website can be attacked and users can be at stake, but generally ROM Hustler is safe enough to trust.

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