How to install and use McAfee VPN on Firestick

What is McAfee VPN?

McAfee is a famous computer security application and has been there for quite a long time. The basic purpose of McAfee is to Protect PC from viruses, trojans, and such types of data. They also provide VPN services which they call Safe Connect VPN or McAfee VPN.

McAfee VPN has amazing features and one of the best is that it has a built-in web browser for secure browsing. It will also give you a secure and safe VPN connection for all of your devices at home, or whenever and wherever you’re using public Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you use Firestick, you might need a VPN often to access geo-restricted content. If you haven’t tried any VPN yet or if you haven’t got anything solid, then you need to give McAfee a try. Unfortunately, McAfee VPN is not available in the Amazon App Store but still, you can sideload McAfee VPN on Firestick using the downloader application.

McAfee on Firestick

McAfee Plans

McAfee isn’t a free VPN and it offers two types of plans. With both the plans, you will get a 7-day free trial and also 30 days money-back guarantee. You can also upgrade to its premium version where you will get an unlimited usage cap (no more monthly 250 MB limit), protection for up to five devices, and 24/7/365 Customer Support.


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How to install McAfee VPN on Firestick?

Step 1: Turn on your Firestick device and go to the settings.

Step 2: Choose “Device” in the settings (or My Fire TV).

Step 3: In the device settings, go to Developers Options.

Step 4: Then turn on the option of “App from Unknown Sources”.

Step 5: Once you are done with it, launch Downloader App on your Firestick.

Step 6: Then click on the left pane on the Home tab to highlight the URL Field.

Step 7: Then type this URL “” and click go.

Step 8: It will download the Safe Connect VPN Apk on your Firestick device.

Step 9: When you open the APK file, it will ask you either to install or to cancel, click on the install button.

Step 10: Once installation is completed, it will ask you to open the app immediately or click Done and launch the VPN later.

Step 11: It is recommended to delete the APK file once it is installed. To delete it, click delete on the consecutive screen.

How to use McAfee VPN on Firestick?

Step 1: From the My Apps section on your Firestick, launch McAfee VPN.

Step 2: You will be asked to provide your credentials to sign in.

Step 3: You will see the current location is displayed on Home Screen.

Step 4: You can select the location and server you want, depending upon your plan.

Step 5: Once you choose your location, you can minimize the application and then start accessing geo-restricted content.

Alternatives for McAfee VPN on Firestick

You can install many other VPN applications on your Firestick. Some of the famous VPNs are mentioned below.

McAfee VPN is also available for Android and iOS.


You don’t need to worry if you like content and that is under geo-restriction. McAfee VPN is one of the best VPN services that will mask your IP from cybercriminals with our hotspot VPN, ensuring your online activities remain both private and secure no matter where you are. You can try other VPN as well and you might find some in Amazon App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McAfee VPN free?

It does offer 7day free trial, but it is not completely free to use.

Can I use other VPN on Firestick?

Yes you can use other VPNs like NordVPN and Proxynel VPN.

Is McAfee VPN available in the Amazon App Store?

No, it is not available. You have to sideload the apk file of Android verison using the downloader application.

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