How to install Proxynel VPN for PC

Proxynel VPN for PC is a top-rated proxy browser that can help you unblock websites, change your IP and keep you anonymous online. It keeps you secure as your traffic is routed through USA, France, UK, Amsterdam, and Canada servers.

About Proxynel VPN

Proxynel VPN for PC

Now you don’t have to worry about any restrictions being imposed on you just because of your geological location. With Proxynel VPN for PC, you can unblock sites for life, unblock Facebook, Twitter, and more. With its built-in fast proxy servers, no need to set up a proxy yourself, just open the app, browse and unblock your favorites websites. Not only it is simple to use but also has a very user-friendly interface.

Please note that this Android proxy app will ensure your protection and private browsing only from inside the app, a proxy browser for the android proxy app is working differently compared to a VPN. It will change your IP address dynamically, and it will automatically assign you a new IP every time the proxy browser makes a request to the internet.

Reasons for Choosing Proxynel VPN

Unblock websites fast

Proxynel proxy app is one of the fastest web proxy browsers to unblock websites, by just opening the app you can browse and access almost any blocked website in your country. The US Proxy servers are a built-in feature within the proxy browser app.

Choose your location

You can change your IP to be located in the US, UK, Canada, Amsterdam, or France with our easy-to-use location switcher. It means that you can manually change your location.

Dynamic IP switching

Proxynel VPN will automatically and dynamically assign you a new IP every time the proxy browser makes a request to the internet, so you will always stay anonymous and untraceable on the internet. No need to worry about your anonymity.

Normal Browser

You can turn On or Off the proxy mode and use the app as a normal browser by turning it OFF with just one tap. The proxy browser is lightweight and works very fast while you surf the web.

No Logs

The reason you can trust Proynel VPN is that it doesn’t maintain logs of your activity. In simple words, it doesn’t store users’ data on its servers to make sure it’s is safe and locked away from authorities.

Proxynel VPN

How can I install Proxynel VVPN for PC

If you want to install Proxynel VPN for PC, you will need to install a third-party application called Bluestacks or Nox App Player. Then you can run any Android application on your PC. Before installing Bluestacks, you need to first check the system requirements. Below are the system requirements of Bluestacks for both Windows and macOS.

Once you know the requirements you can download Bluestack from their official site, and so is the case for Nox App Player.

System Requirements to install Bluestacks on a PC

For Windows

Look at the below picture for a better understanding and a detailed comparison of minimum and recommended requirements of installing Bluestacks on Windows PC.

Bluestacks on Windows
Bluestacks Requirements

For macOS

Minimum and recommended requirements of installing Bluestacks on macOS are given in the below picture with details of every related factor.

Bluestacks on Windows
Bluestacks requirements for macOS

Installation steps of Proxynel VPN for PC using Bluestacks

  • We assume you have installed Bluestacks.
  • Run it and log in to the Google Play Store.
  • Then, tap on the search bar and write Proxynel VPN.
  • Open the app and click install.
  • Wait for a while and let the installation finish.
  • Then head back to the main screen, and you can see Proxynel VPN for PC installed.

Rating of Proxynel VPN

Proxynel VPN has a rating of 4.3 in the Google Play Store.

Top Alternatives of Proxynel VPN

  • Blue Proxy Unblock
  • UPX Free Proxy
  • Free VPN Proxy
  • VPN Private


Proxynel VPN is a proxy browser that helps you maintain your anonymity while surfing the internet. You can also use Proxynel VPN for PC just like a normal browser by turning off the proxy mode with just a single tap. It has servers in the USA, France, UK, Amsterdam, and Canada, through which you can connect and ensure your security.  It gives you Truly unlimited experience with no bandwidth or speed limitations.

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