How to Root Chromecast to Make the Fullest out of it

Chromecast at a Glance

Google Chromecast is a portable device produced by Google that gives you streaming services. It is a perfect alternative for traditional cable TV. It allows you to stream the internet streamed contents on the HD TV with the Google Cast technology. When it comes to streaming movies, music, TV show, documentaries, and more content, Google Chromecast is absolutely a winner.

Things start getting interesting when you play with such amazing devices. Just like many other electronic devices, you can Root Chromecast to make the most out of it and access the developer features. But unlike many other devices like Android smartphones, rooting Chromecast is not that simple. You will need additional hardware and software for rooting Chromecast.

Why Root Chromecast?

Rooting is basically the process of gaining root access or privileged control over devices, mostly famous for Android devices. Rooting enables a normal user to have administrative permissions to the operating system environment. With that being said, Rooting Chromecast can give you additional access to custom ROM, change DNS settings, access region-restricted apps, and more.

How to Root Chromecast?

If you think you can easily Root Chromecast just like any other Android device, then think once again because rooting Chromecast is not a simple process and you will need to have some additional hardware and software. Details of both are mentioned below.

Required Hardware

  • You will need to buy the Tensy 2.0 (costing ~$16) or Teensy++ 2.0 (costing ~$24), both will work fine for you
  • USB Flash drive with at least 1GB storage capacity
  • Externally powered USB OTG cable
  • A mini and micro USB cable
  • An AC adaptor is also required for the Micro USB

Required Software

  • You need to download the two software and install them on your PC. The first one is GTVHacker and the second one is Win32DiskImager.
  • Once both the software are installed, run the Win32DiskImager as administrator.
  • Make sure that the drive connected USB to is selected.
Root Chromecast

Then click on the folder icon and search for the HubCap that is already placed unpacked on your PC.
If you can’t find the exact file, change the file type to Disk Image (*.img *.IMG) and you will find two new files.

Be careful and select the hubcap-flashcast.bin and then click open.
Once you have selected the right file, Click on Write to write the file into the USB device. Wait for the process to complete.
Finally, remove your flash drive from the PC.

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Installation Steps of HubCap on Teensy

(1) Connect the Teensy to your PC with the help of a USB Mini Cable.

(2) Then select the “teensy.exe” file and navigate to the File menu to select Open HEX File and browse to the Hubcap directory.

(3) You will see two different types of file names. One will be prefixed with “plus-plus” that represents Teensy ++ while the other represents Teensy 2.0. Choose the file based on Chromecast.

Keep it in mind that If you have a brand new Chromecast, select the file with 12940 and those used Chromecast users can click on the file with the number 16664.

Root Chromecast

(4) After that, you will see a prompt message on your screen asking you to press the button on Teensy. You need to press the button right below the blue light.

(5) Now click on the second button from the right on the Teensy Loader Window on a PC.

(6) Wait for a while and you will see the Download Complete message that will appear on your Teensy Loader Window.

Chromecast Rooting Steps

(1) Connect the Teensy using a USB Mini cable.

(2) Then plug the larger end of the cable into the female port on the OTG Cable.

(3) It’s time to power the Micro USB cable and AC adapter into the power supply. After that, plug the Micro USB into the female end of the USB OTG file.

(4) Then it’s time to connect the Chromecast to the male port.

(5) Once you have connected all the cables right, press and hold the reset button on the side of Chromecast.

(6) Do not leave the reset button until Teensy flashes the flashlight. After that, gently leave the reset button.

(7) Wait for some time so that the flashlight stops flashing. After that, disconnect Teensy and the USB Mini cable from the USB OTG.

(8) Now plug that USB drive (which we used to burn the image on) in the empty slot of the OTG Cable.

(9) Simultaneously, press the Chromecast button once to start the rooting process.

(10) You will be notified as completed once the process is finished. The time it takes varies from model to model.

(11) Finally, disconnect the Chromecast from the OTGa and plugin to your TV.

Verifying Chromecast Root

(1) In order to verify if you have rooted Chromecast correctly, open the Chromecast app on your phone and tap on the Chromecast device to activate it.

(2) Scroll down and find the IP address.

(3) Now open the internet browser or any other device but make sure that it is connected to the same network to which Chromecast is connected.

(4) Enter the same IP address and if your root was successful, then you will be able to see Eureka ROM’s settings page.

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Wrapping Up

If you are planning to Root Chromecast then follow this method. It is a little complex but it works every single time provided that you follow the steps in the correct order. You can apply this method to all the Chromecast models including 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, and Ultra 4K.

To be clear, perform these steps at your own risk. We won’t be responsible for any damage or mishap.

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