How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most famous gaming consoles of all time. It gives an amazing gaming experience but sometimes it may encounter errors like Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110, which typically means that there is a faulty power supply, corrupted hard drive, software issue, incorrect DNS settings, and more.

What is Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110?

Nintendo Switch is a world-famous handheld gaming console that was released on 3rd March 2017. It is basically a tablet and you can either dock it and use as a home console or use it as a portable console. It is one of the coolest hybrid gaming consoles.

Like other gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch can face errors at times. One of the most common errors is Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110 and when it appears it means that there is a faulty power supply or a corrupt hard drive on the Nintendo Switch. There can be other reasons as well related to your Wi-Fi network like network server down, software issue, incorrect DNS settings, or cable issues.

If you are facing Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110, then follow this article until the end and you will be able to resolve this error.

Switch Error Code 2110
Nintendo Switch

How to Fix Switch Error Code 2110?

As said earlier, there can be multiple reasons for Switch Error Code 2110, and hence we will be using different methods to fix every type of possible cause.

Restart Nintendo Switch

Simply restarting your Nintendo switch can help you get Switch Error Code 2110 fixed. Here is how to restart your Nintendo switch.

  • On your Switch console, press the power button for three seconds.
  • Then select the power option.
  • Select the Restart option and wait for a while.
Switch Error Code 2110
Switch Restart

Check Wi-Fi Connection

If you have a poor internet connection, you are more likely to face this error. So you have to make sure that your internet is working perfectly fine. Also, if your internet speed is slow, it will also cause the same problem. So to check your internet connection, you have to disconnect and then reconnect your Nintendo Switch.

  • Go to System Settings on your Nintendo home screen.
  • Select Internet and then head to Internet Settings.
  • Now select the Wi-Fi network that you are currently connected to.
  • Tap on “Delete Settings” to disconnect the current connection.
  • Return to Internet Settings and connect to the same network.
How to fix Switch Error Code 2110
Delete-Add Connection

Disable Airplane Mode

Disabling the Airplane Mode on your Nintendo Switch will resolve all the internet connectivity-related issues. To disable Airplane Mode, follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to System Settings on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Go to Support/Health & Safety, and turn off the Airplane mode.
Switch Error Code 2110
Airplane Mode Switch

Power Reset Router

Resetting your router will fix the majority of internet connectivity issues. It is a very simple method but will help you fix your issues related to internet connection.

  • First of all, turn off your router and then plug out from the power source.
  • Then, wait for around 5 minutes.
  • Connect the cable to the power source, and turn on your router.
  • Hopefully, your Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110 will be resolved.

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Change DNS Settings

If none of the above steps help you fix your issue, then try out changing DNS settings on your Switch.

  • Go to System Settings, and then head to Internet option.
  • Select Wi-Fi Network from the list and then click on “Change Settings”.
Switch Error Code 2110
Manual DNS
  • Scroll down to DNS Settings, select it, and choose Manual DNS Settings.
  • Enter your Primary DNS as 
  • Then enter your secondary DNS address as
  • Click on Save to confirm changes.

Reset Nintendo Switch

Just like other electronic devices, resetting Nintendo Switch is the last resort. But keep in mind that resetting will erase all of your data, store information like passwords, your games, and in short everything. It is recommended to make a back up of your data before you opt for resetting Nintendo Switch.

Remove any Obstructions

This might not be the most effective way of fixing Switch Error Code 2110 but you can give it a try. Remove any obstacles, blockades, or anything between your router and the Nintendo Switch. If you have any devices in the room like Bluetooth speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, and even microwaves, remove them because Bluetooth frequencies of other devices may also cause conflict.

Final Words

The Nintendo Switch Error Code 2110 is not a big issue and most of the time it is related to internet connectivity, so restarting your router and Switch console will resolve the issue. If you are facing Switch Error Code 2110 issue, then try to fix it by using the above mentioned methods and please try to implement them step wise. Don’t reset your Switch console before taking a backup.

If our article has helped you in getting Switch Error Code 2110 fixed, do let us know via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error code 2110 on my Nintendo Switch?

There are multiple fixes for this like you can try restarting your modem, restarting your Switch Console, changing DNS Settings, resetting your Switch console and more.

What does error code 2110 2003 mean?

Error Code 2110 2003 may occur if the Internet settings were set up incorrectly, or if the Nintendo Switch console could not locate the wireless router.

Why does my Switch keep saying Communication error?

The communication error mainly occurs because of DNS servers, due to the slow internet connection, wireless signal interference, and unstable WIFI network.

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