How to watch The Weather Channel on Direct TV?

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel on Direct TV

The Weather Channel is considered one of the world’s most accurate weather forecasting platforms. You can track daily forecasts and receive live radar updates, storm alerts, & local precipitation updates.

It has live Doppler radar maps, a storm watch, and a rain tracker that can warn you ahead of time of heavy rain, heat waves, or an incoming flood. You can plan up to 15 days in advance with forecasts.

Direct TV is a famous satellite television service in the united states. Not only does it offer satellite services but also streaming services. It offers a variety of TV channels in the US that includes News, Sports, Kids, Movies, and more.

Due to the vast variety of channels on Direct TV, many users might have forgotten the channel number for the Weather Channel on DirectTV. There was a conflict between the Weather Channel and Direct TV, so I will help you find all the channel numbers for the weather channel on DirecTV.

The Weather Channel on Direct TV

There are currently two weather-related channels available on Direct TV. One is WeatherNation and the other is The Weather Channel. AccuWeather from WeatherNation is available on channel number 361 while the Weather Channel is available on Channel number 362.

The recent addition for The Weather Channel on Direct TV is the HD streaming of the content. Now you can stream The Weather Channel on Direct TV in full HD Resolution. Both channels will provide you with the necessary weather forecast information you need to know. The Weather Channel is mainly famous for its America’s Morning Headquarters.

The Weather Channel HD

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The controversy between The Weather Channel and Direct TV

It all started in Jan 2014, when The Weather Channel on Direct TV was removed. The core issue was that of disagreement in terms of pay that The Weather Channel would receive. At that time, The Weather Channel was receiving 13 percent per subscriber per month, and The Weather Channel on Direct TV has demanded more percentage.

Eventually, it led to removing The Weather Channel on Direct TV. However, after three months or so, the issues had been resolved and The Weather Channel was back to its usual channel number 362.

WeatherNation vs Direct TV

Just like The Weather Channel, WeatherNation and Direct TV also had a controversy resulting in the removal of WeatherNation from the Direct TV in 2018. AccuWeather was added in place of WeatherNation and was assigned channel number 361.

AccuWeather is also a great platform for weather forecasting. You can access hyper-localized mapping layers, including our temperature contour map, and live tropical storm radar from its Android or iOS app. You can look 45 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any weather.


Well removing channels regularly can cause Direct TV some loyal customers because NEWS and weather are user-preferred channels.

Local Weather Channels

As said earlier, Direct TV is one of the famous streaming services in the US. With that being said, it has more than 100 local stations. You can find the number of your local Weather channel by entering the Zip code of your area. You can also check the availability of local channels by visiting the website of Direct TV.


I hope this article about “How to Watch The Weather Channel on Direct TV” is helpful in providing you with enough information. These are currently the two Weather Channels that you can find on Direct TV. If you have any idea of other weather channels on Direct TV, you can inform us via the comment section.

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