How to Stream TLC on Chromecast with Google TV

TLC at a Glance

TLC stands for Travel and Living Channel and it is an American based Pay-TV channel basically an integral part of Discovery network. It is used for streaming lifestyles, family, and personal stories, mostly reality based. It has variety of TV shows out of which most famous are 7 Little Johnstons, 90 Day Fiance, 1000-lb Sister, Dr. Pimple Popper, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and Unexpected.

It has a variety of content that offers a good dose of entertainment. You can install TLC on Chromecast Google TV as well. For this purpose you will need to install TLC Go App on your Google TV. Keep in mind that TLC GO is a TV everywhere application so you will need cable TV or satellite TV subscription provider.

If you are looking to stream TLC On Chromecast with Google TV without cable, you can make use of other services like Discovey Plus, AT&T TV, Sling TV, and Youtube TV. Let us start with How to Stream TLC on Chromecast with Google TV.

TLC on Chromecast with Google TV

How to Install TLC on Google TV

(1) Set Up your Google TV with your TV and make sure that it is connected to internet.

(2) On you home screen, tap on Search option.

TLC on chromecast with Google TV

(3) Type TLC Go and select the application when it appears in the search results.

(4) Click on install and wait for the application until the installation is completed.

(5) Once the installation is complete, launch the TLC Go application.

(6) The TLC Activation code will appear. Vist the activation website.

TLC on chromecast with Google TV

(7) Enter the activation code that appeared on screen when TLC was launched.

(8) Click Activate and then sign in with your pay-TV subscription.

(9) Finally, the TLC Go app on your Google TV will start loading the content.

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Alternate Apps to Get TLC on Chromecast with Google TV

If you want to stream TLC on Chromecast with Google TV without cable TV, then you should try below-gievn platforms.

Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is one of the best platform to stream TLC. It is also one of the cheapest that will cost you $4.99/month with commercials and $6.99/month without commercials. Not only TLC, with Discovery plus you can stream additional channels like like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, and Animal Planet.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is yet another good platform to stream TLC on Chromecast with Google TV. It offers over 85 live channels and also provide on-demand video streaming, Youtube TV will cost you $64.99/month, and you get an ad-free plan by subscribing to YouTube Premium additionally $11.99/month.

TLC on chromecast with Google TV


AT&T TV is one of the America’s most famous live streaming and on-demand streaming service. It offers more than 100 live channels and more than 65000 on demand content. With AT&T TV, you can get TLC on Google TV. AT&T TV will cost you around $69.99/month for Entertainment package,  $64.99/month for Choice package, $94.99/month for Ultimate package, and  $139.99/month for Premeir package that has 140 channels.

TLC on chromecast with Google TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is also offers TLC on Google TV, but only with the blue pack or combine pack. The Bluepack will cost you $35/month while Combine pack will cost you $50/month. Sling TV has over 100 live channels and it also has more than 20000 on demand content. It has TBS, A&E, AMC, AXC, BBC America, BET, and more channels.

TLC on chromecast with Google TV


If you have cable or satellite TV in your home, then you can direclty install TLC on Google TV. If you have other subscription as mentioned in the article, you can easily get TLC on Google TV with the same subscription plan. You can easily Chromecast TLC on Google TV to make your enertainment much more amusing.

I hope our article about How to Stream TLC on Chromecast with Google TV is helpful. If you have any question, you can as us via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TLC GO available on Google Playstore?

Yes it si available on Google Playstore. You can install the TLC GO app from the Google Play Store and stream the contents.

2. Can I watch TLC on Chromecast?

Yes, you can Chromecast TLC to your TV. TLC GO app on both Play Store and App Store are compatible with the Chromecast support.

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