What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?

No matter how far we have gone with technology, some things are perfect in their classic form while some advanced touches are acceptable. Like radio, we use to hear to radios back in the day but nowadays, everyone with a smartphone doesn’t use the radio. Still, some people are fond of radio and with services like Sirius, you can enjoy radio peacefully.

You can listen to news channels like Newsmax on Sirius where the most anticipated question is “What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?”. So today we will be answering this question and also showing you features of both Newsmax and Sirius.

What is Newsmax?

Newsmax is an American-based news channel that was founded by Christopher Ruddy and it has more than 80 million users in the US alone. It covers multiple news out of which the most famous one is politics and then comes health, The White House, Congress, Hollywood, finance, sports, science and technology, and more.

Initially, Newsmax was just an opinion website but now it has expanded globally and has millions of viewers. You can watch hit shows with Greg Kelly, Sean Spicer, Chris Salcedo, Nancy Brinker, and more. You still have the same question “What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?“, so be patient because, in the coming sections, we will show you all the details.

Newsmax also has an Android application and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

what channel is newsmax on Sirius?

Overview of Sirius?

SiriusXM is a satellite radio network initially operating in North America where you can enjoy ad-free music, plus live sports, original talk shows, Howard Stern, exclusive comedy, news from every angle, and more. It also broadcasts live play-by-play from every major professional sport as well as college sports.

It has more than 350 channels that include Exclusive artist channels from Garth Brooks, Dave Matthews Band, Diplo, Eminem, U2, and more. Original talk, news covering every angle, and exclusive comedy. It also has one of the best collections of podcasts curated for you, including SiriusXM originals and series from Marvel.

You will also get the SiriusXM video with shows, interviews, and performances in this app. Sirius is a paid subscription-based application so you have to buy it. SiriusXM has an Android application as well and you can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

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SiriusXM Subscription Plans

As said earlier, SiriusXM is a paid service so you have to buy a subscription. below are the details of its paid subscription plans. Now when you almost everything about Newsmax and SiriusXM, let us come to our question, “What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?“.

Subscription PlanPrice
SiriusXM Select Package$16.99/Month additional $1.99/Month for TavelLink
Sirius XM All Access Package$21.99/Month additional $3.99/Month for Traffic
Mostly Music Package SiriusXM$10.99/Month additional $5.99/Month for Traffic & TravelLink

In what channel is Newsmax on Sirius?

Finally, the time has come to answer our most awaited question of “What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?”, so without any delay let me tell you that you can tune your radio into Sirius XM 125 (Patriot) to get your Newsmax on Sirius.

Satellite Radio Name: SiriusXM

Channel Name: NewsMax

Airing On: SiriusXM 125 (Patriot)

Wrapping Up

I hope I have delivered to you people more than the only question “What Channel is Newsmax on SiriusXM?” through this article. If you have a subscription to SiriusXM, then do give a try to Newsmax on SiriusXM and you will thank me later. If you have any questions, you can ask us via the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sirius have a Newsmax channel?

Yes, you will get Newsmax on SiriusXM and to get it tuned on your SiriusXM player, read the above article.

What Channel is Newsmax on SiriusXM?

To get Newsmax on SiriusXM, tune your radio into Sirius XM 125 (Patriot) to get your Newsmax on Sirius.

Is Newsmax is good for getting news stuff?

The type of news it covers is surely one of the best platforms if you are interested in any type of news from politics to sports.

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