How to install Whatsapp on Amazon Fire Tablet 100% working

What is Fire Tablet?

Amazon Fire Tablet is a product of Amazon that doesn’t run on traditional iOS and Android operating systems. Amazon Fire is similar to iPad and Samsung tablets in terms of hardware but when it comes to software, Amazon has developed a unique OS for Amazon Fire Tablet called Fire OS. The Fire OS is a great platform in terms of entertainment purposes.

The home screen of the Amazon Fire includes dedicated content pages for books, games, apps, video, music, audiobooks, and Newsstand, making it quick to pick up right where you left off. This OS is backed by Amazon’s recommendations engine, where you can quickly browse books, movies, TV shows, music, apps, and games suggested just for you.

Does Whatsapp Work on Amazon Fire Tablet?

Whatsapp is available for Android and iOS devices where you can download it from the relevant app store. But when it comes to Amazon Fire Tablet, we can not install Whatsapp on Amazon Fire Tablet the traditional way. This tutorial is all about how you can install Whatsapp on Amazon Fire Tablet.

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How to install Fire Tablet on Amazon Fire Tablet?

There is no standalone Whatsapp application that you can install on Amazon Fire Tablet, so in order to install Whastaspp on Amazon Fire Tablet, you need to sideload the apk of Whatsapp. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

(1) First of all make sure that your Fire Tablet is connected to the internet.

(2) Go to Settings on the home screen of your Fire Tablet.

(3) Scroll down and navigate to Privacy and Security.

whatsapp on amazon fire tablet

(4) In the Security and Privacy, tap on the toggle right next to App from Unknown Sources. This is important to enable sideloading the apk version of Whatsapp.

whatsapp on amazon fire tablet

(5) Now go to the preinstalled Silk browser on your Amazon Fire Tablet and launch it.

(6) On the search bar write “” to download the apk file.

(7) Click on the latest version of Whatsapp and tap on Download Now. It will start downloading the apk file of Whatsapp.

whatsapp on amazon fire tablet

(8) Then click on continue and you will need to grant permission for the Silk browser to save and access files on your device.

(9) Click on next and tap the download link.

(10) The download process will take a little time. Once downloaded, tap on the open link.

(11) Once you open the link, it will start installing the application. Wait for the installation to finish.

(12) Finally, Whatsapp has been installed on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

(13) Open the app, log in with your credentials and start using Whatsapp on Amazon Fire Tablet.

Alternate Way

If you don’t want to install the Whatsapp application, you can also use it directly on your browser. This is one of my favorite way and I use Whatsapp on my PC this way. it is very easy and you need to follow these steps to get it done.

(1) Open any browser on your Fire Tablet.

(2) Then in the search bar, visit ““. It will ask you to scan a bar code to access Whatsapp on browser.

(3) Go to the Whatsapp app on your smartphone. Follow this path, “Whatsapp >> settings >> linked devices >> link a device >> scan the QR code”.

(4) Once you scan the barcode, you will have your Whatsapp on the browser of your Amazon Fire Tablet.


If you find any application that is available on one platform but not on another, there are always different ways of installing cross-platform applications. Like in this case, there is no standalone app of Whatsapp on Amazon Fire Tablet, but still, we found two ways of installing Whatsapp on Amazon fire tablet.

I hope this tutorial is helpful, if you find any issue while installing Whatsapp on Amazon fire Tablet, you can reach out to us via the comment section.

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